Welcome to Reclaiming Hope

This is a free course for you.

It used to live behind a $147 paywall, but I have decided to give it away for free. I am hoping that you will do everything you can to help your child, yourself, and your family.

Towards the end, there’s a donate button. Feel free (but don’t feel obligated) to use it, if you gain insights that help you change your own behavior and your child’s behavior.

I am confident that it will. If you keep going.

I just want to make one thing clear before you skip ahead and start binging. This course is hard. The material will challenge you and your understanding of your child and your role as a parent. It will also empower you both tremendously. And you’ve got to do the work…

Now, I did not change the content of these videos after making them freely available. I have just added them all here. So, some of the content – like me suggesting that you contribute to the parenting forum that used to be “The Circle”, you can safely ignore – and just keep on learning and doing. Also, there won’t be any Office Hours or anything like that.

I hope that you are as successful with your child as some of the other wonderful parents that went through the course before you.

Let’s Get You Started.

The Circle no longer exists behind a paywall. If you want to connect with like-minded parents, jump to the closed group there. I will not be in there much – if ever – so it’s up to you parents to create a community there. Or not depending on your preferences for privacy. I can recommend sharing your experiences and getting feedback from your peers.

The link below will open a new window. Feel free to dive right into the community and get aquainted.

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How to Get the Most out of Reclaiming Hope

Watch this next video to learn more about why I made this course for you.

About Anders

This is just a short intro to who I am, what I do did, – and how I got to this point where I feel that I need to get my message into the hands and minds of as many parents as possible.

I am no longer working as an ADHD Coach which means that I can’t devote much time to this project. This is another reason for giving it away for free. No price, no service. Sorry. 😉

How to Think about This Course

In Reclaiming Hope, I introduce you to ideas and insights that I am pretty sure that you have not found elsewhere in the conventional literature.

Please watch the video to understand why and what that means for you.

Course Intro and Overview

This video gives an overview of the course content – and concludes the intro part of the course.

Understanding the ADHD Mind

Introducing the Inner Map

Watch this video to get an introductory understanding of the mind and what the potential for change really is.

Exploring The Inner Map

In this video we’ll be exploring the Inner Map.

Please watch the video at a time and place where it is okay for you to have your eyes closed and you are not interrupted.

Also please have paper and pen ready for specific notes that I would like you to jot down along the way

Click below the video to download the Action Points to this video.

Deeper Into the Inner Map

In this video we’ll be exploring the Inner Map in much more detail.

Once again I offer a guided visualization that will help you realize the potential of the mind and how simple it is to work with it and transform things in the mind.

Please watch at a time and place where it is okay for you to have your eyes closed and you are not interrupted.

Also please have paper and pen ready for specific notes that I would like you to jot down along the way.

Click below to download the Action Points.

Changes In the Inner Map

In this next video, learn about change in the inner map, and experience and understand the profound impact of this change.

Learn how you can have this impact on your child from the inside-our or from the outside-in.

Click below to download:

  • The first Action Point guide is about how to change the way your child remembers his bad and good memories. In the process the good memories are used to create a constructive database that supports great self worth.
  • The second Action Point guide is about how to set up structures in the real world that supports the construction of great inner databases.

The Power of Positive Intention

In this video, we’ll explore the most important lesson about why your child is behaving like he or she is.

Transformation in the ADHD Mind

Now that you’ve learned about how the mind works, it’s time to look closer at the tools and how you can help your child affect change.

Click below to download the Action Points Guide for this lesson.

Externalizing With Your Child

Below, you can download and print:

  1. Action Overview: An overview of the Externalization Process.
    Print to have beside you when you explore the process.
  2. Action Guide: The Fully Guided Externalization Process.
    I use Anger in this Action Guide, and you are welcome to switch out Anger with the emotion that your child is ready to work with.
  3. Action Guide: Externalization Outlines
    Print the page in this pdf that matches your child’s age.
    There are a toddler and boys and girls aged around 5, 10, 15, so you should be able to find one that matches.
    Print several (5+), so your child can try it out without restraints. Some kids like to draw an entire comic book like transformation using several prints.

Handling Parts of the Personality

Becoming a Transforming Parent

This section is about you, the parent. Watch these final videos to understand your role better and become a transforming parent.

Introduction to the Coaching Approach

The Essentials of the Coaching Approach

Be Prepared To Let Your Child Grow Up

Final Thoughts

You’ve made it this far. I am proud of you!

This video has my final thoughts that I recorded for the paid course. I think that you should listen to the first 2 minutes and then skip the rest! [There’s no paid community anymore, and you can’t sign up for anything except the free Facebook Group.]

Did you get value out of this course?

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Tell another struggling parent (or ten!) about this course!

Seriously. I am not promoting this course, so I need you to do it. But only if you find it worthwhile for other parents in your situation… (I didn’t add social media buttons because you know how to copy and add a URL to a Facebook Group, – and maybe you might want to contact people in person or in private messages anyway. 😉

If you want to thank me “in person”, you have two ways.

  • I love thank you emails! Send me an email at “contact@” and then the domain transformingadhd.com. Kindly be aware that I am really poor at answering emails, and I am not available for coaching/consulting, so please don’t expect an elaborate answer.
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