How Metaphors Can Transform ADHD From The Inside Out

In my coach training, I was told to acknowledge whatever came out of the mouth of the client as that person’s subjective truth. And then work with that. No matter how strange it sounded. So when my very first practice client presented me with the metaphor that all her aspirations and interests were like an […]

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ADHD: Accelerated Learning By Taking Small Steps In The Zone Of Proximal Development

I think that helping our children learn is critical, so much of my time is spent thinking about learning and how to accelerate harmonious and relevant learning in our children. In this article, I’ll share with you an example of how my wife, Rikke, and I help our children learn, – and in the end, […]

How To Get Out The Door With Your Keys And Stuff – New Video

In this second video on my YouTube channel, I continue to talk about transforming ADHD problems from the inside out. This time I got the question: “Now I’ll get out of the door in time to be somewhere, but how do I make sure that I get out the door with everything I need having […]

ADHD: How To Manage Time From The Inside Out – Video

Just recently I started a Youtube Channel called (no surprise!) Transforming ADHD. This was my first video. If you don’t see the video, click here. The transcript below is unedited, so if anything is unclear, you might need to see my hand gestures and facial expressions! 🙂 Hi, guys! Anders Ronnau from here. If […]

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ADHD: How to Stop Anger Tantrums In Their Tracks – And Avoid Them Altogether

Anger tantrums are disturbing. Not only in the situation, but to the health and safety of the entire family and the stuff you own. It makes you as parents avoid specific situations where you know that the child will flare up, and It makes you walk on eggshells to avoid situations that may or may […]

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ADHD: 3 Ways Parents Can Avoid Being The Source Of Your Child’s Negative Inner Dialogue

The client was a woman was in her mid-twenties with the ADHD diagnosis. Her studies were not going well. She was failing courses, not attending classes, not handing in homework, etc. And while she really wanted to do all these things, it was like she couldn’t do it. She was bright, intelligent and loved her […]

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How To Master The Practice of Parenting The Differently Wired Child

When I lived in Boulder, Colorado, I was introduced to a way of thinking that have resonated into our way of parenting in our family. The saying is: “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait 15 minutes. Also if you do like the weather in Colorado, just wait 15 minutes.” When we […]

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ADHD: A Simple Trick to Stop Your Thoughts From Spinning around and around

Do you know that feeling when the thoughts are just spinning – around and around, and it feels like there’s nothing you can do about it? Perhaps you also know the feeling of not control over your thoughts, but that thoughts are really controlling you. Or maybe you heard your child or your partner talk […]

Closeup Headshot side view Portrait Angry Child Screaming, fists up in air. Expressing Anger, Rage. Transforming ADHD

ADHD: Transforming Anger In Your Child From The Inside Out

The Boy With Anger Inside One of my very first clients with the ADHD diagnosis back in 2007 was an 8-year-old boy. When he and his mother came to see me for ADHD Coaching, he could only focus for 20-second stints. He was threatening in his communication and behavior at home. And he told me […]

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ADHD: How To Reach The Part Of Your Child That Wants To Behave Well

Behave! Not so easy… Humans are incredibly complex emotional and cognitive beings. We can have an urge to do something and then not do it. We can want to focus on something and then move that focus onto something else. We can know what is good for us to eat and want to buy it, […]

Ants in my pants – and how to get rid of them for good

“It’s as if there are 1000 large green ants inside my legs.” I was coaching a teenager who had a hard time sitting still with his legs. Or – as he put it – it was impossible for him to sit still with his legs. He had tried every possible way to get the legs […]

ADHD: How to get you child to do anything

The other day my youngest daughter got up to stand on her already high chair to get something on the table during dinner. I grabbed her to hold her steady, because I got scared she might fall. And I said in a demanding voice that she should sit down. This made her hurt and angry […]

ADHD, Learn from mistakes; Boy with plaster on head

ADHD: How to help your child learn from his mistakes

Does your child have difficulty learning from his mistakes? In this article you’ll get insights into one of the most common mistakes that we do as parents, that teaches our children to not learn for their mistakes. Our neighbor living above us in the apartment building had a 3 year old daughter. She was always […]

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Why a movement to Transform ADHD?

Thank you for visiting Transforming ADHD! I am looking forward to serving you and your family with inspiration, insights and loads of tools and methods. Parents to differently wired children have a hard time. Not only can the family situation be difficult, but often the system around us is not geared to meet us or […]