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How Metaphors Can Transform ADHD From The Inside Out

In my coach training, I was told to acknowledge whatever came out of the mouth of the client as that person’s subjective truth. And then work with that. No matter how strange it sounded. So when my very first practice client presented me with the metaphor that all her aspirations and interests were like an […]

ADHD: 3 Ways Parents Can Avoid Being The Source Of Your Child’s Negative Inner Dialogue

The client was a woman was in her mid-twenties with the ADHD diagnosis. Her studies were not going well. She was failing courses, not attending classes, not handing in homework, etc. And while she really wanted to do all these things, it was like she couldn’t do it. She was bright, intelligent and loved her […]

Why a movement to Transform ADHD?

Thank you for visiting Transforming ADHD! I am looking forward to serving you and your family with inspiration, insights and loads of tools and methods. Parents to differently wired children have a hard time. Not only can the family situation be difficult, but often the system around us is not geared to meet us or […]